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The purpose of my creating the FB page and community "Heinz Buddhism" is to use a public FB page, some of my earlier FB pages have been private or secret, such as "Friends of "Enlightenment". I also have I am now 70 years old, retired, content, fulfilled, and grateful to be alive here and now. My first taste of the path of spirituality, religion, mysticism, meditation, martial arts and the idea of practice, following the path to union with God, to "Enlightenment", began in the early '70's. It has been a full life. I am done, finished. I have now that which I sought for over 40 years. I am one with God, "Enlightened", and I am nothing. "God" is everything. While making the goal of "Enlightenment" and knowing and being in union with "God" as my life's goal my life has been full, and now, so to speak it is empty. One of the things I did led to full ordination as a Buddhist Dharma Teacher. Before that I tried a livelihood in the Roman Catholic Church, where I was a professed Franciscan Friar (mendicant monk). I left that to get married, have a wife, children, career in the world which would allow me to retire with a pension at the age of 60. I went off the rails, off any traditional spiritual path, retired, and I began to loose everything I had, except my pension. Divorce happened, possessions and all I held dear were lost or given away, and I followed where my desires lead me. Over the next five or six years it lead me to more loss, upon loss. Eventually I lost more than I knew could be lost {except my pension :) }. A time came where I lay on a bed in Sihanoukville, Cambodia and while my loving 2nd wife puttered in the kitchen, I died. Not my body, not at that time, but my separateness fell away. I've written more of this elsewhere. Over 40 years of study and practice in the realms of religion and philosophy permitted my still present thoughts to label it, and categorize it and identify it as bodhi/"enlightenment". In Christian terms a union with God, where I was I was the creator of everything. There was no longer "out there" and "in here", other than in appearance. There was no need for more confirmation, it's self confirming.... This is enough writing for now. Oh, except I'm back, I chose to pick back up my fallen away ego/individual self, put it back on, with all it's "imperfections" and unburnt "karma", and so life goes on. OH, one more thing, one event along the path, back in 1975 led me to being born again in the Christian sense, in a Baptist church in Gary, Indiana, as I returned from a weekend retreat with a Hindu guru. I heard loud speakers, the preacher's words about Jesus, and knew, "That's it too! It's also Jesus." So I parked, went in, and was baptised full-immersion, while repeating, "Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus". Now, to this day, I sometimes say, my head is Buddhist, and my heart is Christian. I'll end this with how my head is also Hindu too, with a "Tat Tvam Asi" - Thou are That. As I am, so are you. You, we, I, are wearing the since of being separate beings, individuals among other individuals with the world out there. AND, we do that by choice. We have chosen to experience our creation not as we are, which is the creator, but to experience it as the created. You see, it doesn't work if we remember it's all our creation. It only works if we are lost within our creation. OK, yes, now that's enough. Peace and good, Joe